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October 27 Weekly Reflection

10-27-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: This week, take some time to write a list of all of the good things you love about your family members. God sees us and what we can become, His love is unconditional and we are challenged to love like Him. God wants us to look at the good in others as well, knowing that we all have the potential to love and deserve to know we are loved by others.

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.


October 20 Weekly Reflection

10-20-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: Spend some time with your family this week discussing how we can all show more faith in God's plan for our lives. Sometimes when we pray, we expect to receive an answer from God right away, but that does not of ten happen. Why do you think it is difficult to wait for God? Why might it be important for us, as families, to continuously go to God in prayer, even if and when we feel tired or discouraged or frustrated? We need to always remember that God knows what we truly need and He works in His time to provide for His children.


October 13 Weekly Reflection

10-13-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: Jesus is the Divine Physician. All who come to Him and believe that He can heal them will be healed. The difference bet ween the men whom He healed in the Gospel reading is that only one repented and returned to Him. Jesus tells the man that his faith has saved him; in other words, the man believed with his whole heart that Jesus could transform his life and He did. We too can experience the same power. Knowing and believing in our hearts that God holds our lives in His tender hands should bring us peace and comfort. Through all of life's storms, and especially when God answers prayers in a way that differs from how we would want them answered, we can be assured that He loves us dearly and knows what is best.


October 6 Weekly Reflection

10-06-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: We must remember that the call to follow the Lord comes when God chooses, not when we choose. We are all servants of God and the Master is looking for us to have "faith the size of a mustard seed." We are called to put the Lord first in our lives at all cost. God has a plan for when we will be called to action on his behalf; are we doing all we can to listen to that call?


September 29 Weekly Reflection

09-29-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: Jesus teaches us that there is nothing wrong with having money so long as that money doesn’t become the one thing we cannot live without. How do you and your family share your wealth in order to help provide for the needs of others?

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.


09-22-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: The message that Jesus is teachings Hisfollowers today is that we are called to be trustworthy in all of ourdealings. We are called to be faithful and honest in both small andimportant matters. What should drive our actions is the beliefin the message and promise of God, the love and compassionfor others, and the mercy that God has shown us. Jesus ends Histeaching by reminding us that no man can serve two masters.In other words, we need to be all in for God. We need to bedevoted to the truth and to love; we need to be good and faithfulstewards.


September 15 Weekly Reflection

09-15-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: Have you every lost something that you really cared about and then finally found it? Maybe a toy, or even your pet? What did it feel like to find it? The joy you experienced and the relief that the item you lost had been found and was now where it belonged is the same thing God feels when we choose to live lives that glorify Him. God wants all of us to turn away from sin and back to Him. If and when we do, all the saints and angels in Heaven rejoice along with our Heavenly Father.


September 8 Weekly Reflection

09-08-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: What are the radical choices that you are begin called to in order to be a disciple of Christ? No matter our sacrifice, if we do not make it in God's name, with the love of Christ in our heart, then it is for nothing. We are called to take up our own cross and follow Christ. We can count on Him to provide and lead and we must remember, on this journey, that redemption costs us nothing; discipleship will cost us everything. What are you truly willing to sacrifice for our Heavenly Father? What does it mean to renounce your possessions, in such a way that we can be content to rely on Him? How can non-material things like ideologies, prejudices, or ideas be like material possessions that we can strive to shed?


September 1 Weekly Reflection

09-01-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: Spend some time this week talking with your family about who you might invite to Mass. Maybe next time a friend sleeps over on Saturday, invite them to Mass with you and your family the next day. It is a joyful thing to share our faith with others, and something Jesus encouraged us to do.

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.


August 25 Weekly Reflection

08-25-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: Spend some time this week with your family discussing how you all can improve your family prayer time. For starters, do you pray as a family at meal time? How about at bedtime? Maybe now is the time to start! Now is a great time to begin praying more as a family. You can even commit to pray a family Rosary once a week to grow closer to Jesus together.

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.


August 18 Weekly Reflection

08-18-2019Weekly Reflection

Children: This week, discuss with your family what Jesus is talking about when saying that He wishes the world were on fire? Why do you think Jesus is in "anguish" desiring for His suffering? Could it be that He is so ready and willing to suffer so that we might have the opportunity for new life?

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life.

Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.


August 11 Weekly Reflection

08-11-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: How do you understand the conduct of asteward? Can you think of people who have been delegated acertain amount of responsibility and have become intoxicatedwith authority? How can they return to faithful stewardship?What does it mean to you when Jesus teaches that more will beexpected of those in trusted with much?

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life.Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.

August 4 Weekly Reflection

08-04-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In today's Gospel, Jesus steps back from role of "judge and arbitration." How would you describe the way he exercises his moral authority in this story and in your own life? What is your top priority in terms of life goals right now? Are these goals based on spiritual needs or more material needs? Who are the most importantpeople in your life? How do they fit into your life goals?


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