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July 28 Weekly Reflection

07-28-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: Does it seem surprising that the Apostles ask, “Lord, teach us to pray”? What do you think seemed notable to them about the way Jesus was prayer that they wanted to emulate? Jesus says persistence pays off. God won’t refuse the Holy Spirit to anyone who persists in asking.

Children: Have you every prayed for something and gotten the opposite thing you asked for or nothing at all? Have you prayed and gotten what you wanted? Has anyone every asked you for something and received it from you or asked and been refused? Take a few minutes each day and pray the “Lord’s Prayer.”

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life.

Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.

July 21 Weekly Reflection

07-21-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In the Gospel reading today, we encounter Jesus teaching an important lesson to those listening to Him. Martha is serving those listening to Jesus, she is working hard and diligently to ensure things are taken care of. Martha's sister, Mary, is listening to Christ and not helping with the serving of those present. Martha gets upset that Mary is not also serving, and this is where Jesus steps in to teach us all something. There will be times when we must work in order to ensure things are taken care of. There will, and must, also be times when we need to simply sit at the feet of the Savior and take in all He has to offer us.


July 14 Weekly Reflection

07-14-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: When we encounter Jesus in the Gospel reading for today, He is being confronted by a man who wants to hear that what he is already doing will allow him into eternal life. The man knows that he abides by the law and does what must be done; this, in his eyes, is enough for Heaven. Jesus’ response is clear; go the extra mile. A parable is taught in which a priest and a man in the priestly line pass by a man beaten and left for dead. It is their job – their calling by God – to minister to those in need, and yet they do nothing. This is a challenge to us to act like the Samaritan, the one in the parable who had no need to minister to the man and yet did. When it comes down to it, we are all called to be Christ’s Mercy in the world. How can we actively respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our lives and live a life of Mercy?


July 7 Weekly Reflection

07-07-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In the Gospel reading today, Jesus sends out more messengers to announce His coming. The words of preparation that Jesus gives to the 72 are great for us to heed today as well: “Take only the good news of the Gospel and let it speak for itself.” So often, we are worried that we could not be good evangelists because we do not have all of the answers. Perhaps we feel that we are not as trained or as learned as others and therefore, we do not feel like it is our job to spread the Gospel. Jesus has different plans. By our Baptism and Confirmation, we are given the mission to announce Jesus’ coming and spread the Good News. Our mission is to bring this Good News with peace to all the world; to offer of ourselves enough for God to work miracles through our labor. May we always find comfort in the words of Christ, that although we are going out as lambs among wolves, we also know that the laborer deserves his pay and that our reward will be in Heaven. Have faith that God will equip you to spread the Gospel.


June 30 Weekly Reflection

06-30-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In the Gospel this week, we meet Jesus as He sends a couple of His Apostles to scout the reception of Him into the villages. James and John go out ahead and are not received well. Their initial reaction is to curse those who will not receive Christ, but Jesus has different plans. When the others in the passage come up to Christ, He does not sugarcoat the trails they will face. Jesus wants it to be clear that to follow Him will require a denial of self and a changed heart. There is no way to force the message of Christ on others, a conversion to a relationship must happen. Often times, when we are faced with those who will not accept Christ for whatever reason, or when something happens that we do not deem as fair, one initial reaction is to curse them and demand God's judgment. But Christ teaches us an important lesson: to follow Him daily, it will require doing the right thing by Him – always.

Children: Spend some time this week with your family discussing how we can prepare our hearts to receive the love and mercy of God every day. Even when it is hard, Jesus desires to be with us and it will require a choice to allow Him to love us fully.

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life.

Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.

June 23 Weekly Reflection

06-23-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: This week, we celebrate the Eucharist. In the Gospel, Jesus performs a miracle and multiplies the food available in order to feed a multitude of people. In a similar way, the bread of life is multiplied through all of time so that we might experience eternal life through the Body and Blood of Christ. We, as Catholics, participate in the Mass at least once a week and partake in the Heavenly Banquet as we receive Communion. Those who experienced this miracle that Jesus per formed had trouble believing their eyes. They had to accept that all those present could be fed and satisfied by a seemingly insufficient amount of food. The Eucharist is our spiritual food, it is the nourishment that sustains us for all time and the door which we may enter through to experience Christ fully present; Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity! May we never lose the awe of the opportunity we have been given and always praise and glorify God for this incredible gift!


June 16 Weekly Reflection

06-16-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. In our faith, we believe that God exists in three distinct persons. How can it be that one God can exist in three persons? Much debate and study have been done in response to that question. The truth we know is that God exists in the Father and the Father loves the Son completely and totally, the Son in turn loves the Father and out of the perfect self-giving love of the Son and the Father, the Spirit comes forth. The persons of the Trinity have specific actions and roles that they play, all of which come together in one Triune God. Scripture makes it clear to us that the Father and the Son are one, there is no hierarchy in the Trinity. Jesus tells us that God will take from what is His and declare it to us through the Holy Spirit. In other words, the truth we all seek, the guidance we all need, the love we all desire is freely given to us from God through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is alive and with us through the Spirit today, in our world. The Father's love for us is flowing through Christ 's Church and active in the world through us as His witnesses and disciples. What a beautiful role we play in the story of Salvation! We, along with the Trinity, have a role and a mission to share the Gospel with the whole world in order that everyone might experience eternal life.


June 9 Weekly Reflection

06-09-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: Today, we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost! This is the memorial of the day that Jesus sent down the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles so that they might go out and fulfill His mission in the world. At St. Andrew, our Mission Statement is: "We are a Roman Catholic community committed to the formation of disciples, who use their gifts to fulfill His mission." The call at Pentecost is exactly that which we strive to answer here at St. Andrew. We are all sent out on a mission of evangelism. We are all sent out to answer the call of Christ and we need the support of a strong Catholic community to accomplish this goal. May God continue to bless St. Andrew the Apostle and may we all, as the Body of Christ, continue striving to live out our mission of evangelizing the world!!


June 2 Weekly Reflection

06-02-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension. Jesus tells His Apostles that He will send "the promise of my Father." Here, like in the previous weeks we have read, Jesus is speaking about the coming of the Holy Spirit. After Jesus blesses the Apostles and tells them to remain in Jerusalem, He is then taken up into Heaven. The Ascension of Jesus is important because He again fulfills the necessary stipulations of the Savior. Jesus must leave us in order for the Advocate to continue His teachings and allow for the passing down of the Gospel through the ages. Finally, in the Gospel this week, we see the Apostles rejoicing that Jesus has been taken up into Heaven.


May 26 Weekly Reflection

05-26-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: Jesus continues in the Gospel this weekend with the same theme from last week. Last week, in John 13, Jesus told us that the world will know we are His disciples by the way we love others. This week, Jesus tells us what we will do if we love Him - we will keep His word. One of the best ways we can show our love and devotion to Christ is to keep His commandments; to live our lives according to His word. Our actions should follow the example of Christ. Jesus then explains that He will soon send the Holy Spirit to act as the Advocate of He and the Father to us on earth. Jesus tells the disciples that He gives them His peace - and that He gives in a different way than the world. What does this mean? Jesus is telling us that He will soon give the Holy Spirit fully to His true followers. The Spirit will act in the lives of the faithful in real and incredible ways. We, as Christ's disciples, should rejoice that He is in Heaven with the Father and that the Advocate is here for us today! Let us all pray that the Holy Spirit dwell in us and move us to action for the Lord.


May 19 Weekly Reflection

05-19-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In the Gospel today, Jesus tells us to love one another. What a simple yet profound challenge! Jesus goes a step further and even tells us how Christians will be visible. The world will know that we are the disciples of Christ not by what we wear, or the music we listen to, or even the things we way- the world will know we are His disciples by our love. Jesus has shown us how to love and it is up to us, as His disciples, to share that love with others. Those who do not see love on a daily basis, those who have been deeply hurt by people they cared for, need to see the love of Christ in us.


May 12 Weekly Reflection

05-12-2019Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In the Gospel reading this week, Jesus is speaking to the Jews gathered around Him at the Portico of Solomon. They have asked him to tell them plainly if He is the Messiah and stop leaving them in suspense. Jesus responds by telling them that they do not believe because they are not among His sheep. Those who believe that Jesus is the Messiah are His sheep and He is their shepherd. We are all called to believe in Christ and to trust that he will guide us. We can have confidence that God will never abandon us because, as Jesus says in the Gospel this week, "no one can take the sheep out of the hands of the father."