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February 16 Weekly Reflection

02-16-2020Weekly Reflection

Children: Jesus tells us today that we need to be honest and direct with others. He says that when we hurt others or lie to them, we hurt ourselves, too. God has given us commandments to live by and it is up to us to do all we can and obey him. God loves us and wants us to live a happy life and when we love others, we will be happy and close to Him.

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.

Adults/Teens: Let your "Yes" mean "Yes" and your "No" mean "No." How often do we bend the truth just enough for it to not get us in trouble with others? Jesus challenges us today to be honest with ourselves in our weaknesses and strengths. He tells us that our intention is just as important as our actions and that we need to strive for Holiness in all we do. We know we will slip up and fail at times, but the worst thing we can do is lie to ourselves and say that what we are doing is "not that bad." We should be honest and ask for forgiveness while looking to the future with our hope in Christ fulfilling not only the prophecies, but also the desires of our hearts.