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February 9 Weekly Reflection

02-09-2020Weekly Reflection

Children: If you wanted to show people something thatyou were proud of, would you hide it away in the closet? Of course not! We are supposed to show people what God is doing in our lives by living a certain way. We are to loveour parents and siblings and glorify God by loving Him andothers.

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.

Adults/Teens: “Your light must shine before others.” God has given us the play, will we execute it properly?We are called, as Christians, to live in a way that bringsourselves and others closer to the Savior. Are we doing it?Are we fearless when it comes to sharing our faith withothers in our families or at work? Do we shy away fromspeaking about our faith because we do not want to“rub people the wrong way”? Well, God says that whenwe do that, we are deliberately placing a basket over thelight in our house that could drown out all the darkness.We need to be willing to allow the light of Christ to shineforth from us in our lives - in what we do and who we are.People will be drawn to the Savior if we live in a way thatglorifies Him. We are being asked - called to let the Spiritwork in and through us. Are we doing all we can to answerthat call?