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March 8 Weekly Reflection

03-08-2020Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: This week, our Gospel message takes us to the Transfiguration of Jesus. We meet Peter, James, and John with Christ on the mountain. As Jesus prayed, an incredible miracle occurs, Jesus is Transfigured and the men get a glimpse of His Glorified Body. This event scared the Apostles that were there, in fact, Jesus had to assure them that things were alright. Peter declares that because this event is so amazing, they should make tents and live there! This response is so human, so logical; "things are great, lets do what we can to keep them that way."

What Peter does not realize is that this is not the end of Jesus journey, in fact, what Jesus must endure for the forgiveness of our sins is only beginning. What is true, though, is that this experience transformed the hearts of Peter, James, and John. They saw things differently because they saw Christ differently. If we are willing to see Jesus for all He truly is, how would that affect our outlook? How has our faith in Jesus transformed our lives? How has the example of Jesus helped us to become a better community of individuals?

Children: Name some times when your belief in Jesus helped make you stronger. When can others see the light of Jesus in you? What can you do this week to show your love for Jesus?

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.