Stewardship Commitment Drive Part Two

05-13-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

Dear Friends,

This weekend, except for the Saturday Vigil Mass, we are doing our Stewardship Commitment Drive at all the Masses. We shall do the same drive for the Saturday Mass this coming Saturday. As I pointed out earlier, at a practical level, this drive is meant to give you an opportunity to commit to a certain amount of dollars, time and talent you intend to contribute to your parish monthly or yearly. It is my hope that, this will not only help some of you to better plan your finances with your parish’s pastoral needs in mind but also help me better budget for the programs and the said pastoral needs. I then went on to request you to please, take the entire week to pray over this and consult with your family, so that you are prepared this weekend to come out with an amount, time and talent you would commit to giving to God through your Church monthly or for the year on the commitment cards you are provided. We shall fill in these commitment cards within the Mass.

But why is this commitment, so important to me as your pastor? At a deeper spiritual level, as your pastor this is very important because it revolves around one thing - Evangelization and Evangelization is about salvation and salvation is about getting each of you to heaven. That, I believe is the overarching reason why you come to Church every Sunday. My primary responsibility as your pastor as I see it, therefore, is to cater for the salvation of your souls. That is why I am passionate in doing what I do here in our parish to meet your spiritual and pastoral needs as much as God’s grace allows me. That is why I left my entire biological family in Africa to answer the call to serve you, my new family here at our Parish of St. Andrew’s. In fact, that is the only reason I love this Parish deeply and why I love you unreservedly. That is why I try to be by your side at the most difficult moments of either your lives or the lives of your beloved ones who are at the point of death as well as at joyful moments. Indeed, on many occasions, I had the opportunity to have your beloved ones die in my hands or in my presence. What a humbling experience!

However, much as I am passionate in serving you, I cannot meet all your needs without your help and input, because God has given each of you a variety of gifts, talents, and resources to compliment my evangelization efforts and to serve our parish. It is those gifts and resources I am asking you to commit so that you and your family can also participate in the evangelization efforts of your Parish.

I would like to conclude by thanking you all very sincerely for your continued support to me, your pastor despite my inadequacies and to our parish for its vibrancy. Know that whatever you do, big or small gives me great encouragement and comfort and; thank you so much for your commitment today. Now please, join me in saying our Parish Stewardship Prayer:


God of love, Father of us all, we come to you as a parish family. We thank you for the vibrant faith that is your gift to us, which we see manifested here in St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. We ask you to guide and inspire us. We ask you to stimulate our generosity, so that we may build our Parish for the glory of your name and the continued growth of our Parish. Help us to know that we are doing your will. We believe that with your help we will accomplish this goal. We make our prayer to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Risen Lord. Amen!

In Christ,