Meet the Administrative Staff of Our Parish

07-01-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

In explaining my role as your Pastor last week, I quoted Canon 519, of the code of Canon Law, and went on to point out that my primary role as your Pastor, as I see it, is to get you all into heaven. I do this, by carrying out the functions of teaching, sanctifying, and governing as stipulated by the said code referenced above. I also acknowledged that I cannot perform these responsibilities alone; that is why I delegate some of these roles to members of our Pastoral Staff, as well as the Administrative Staff, who all do an amazing job here at our parish. I would like to take this opportunity, in this article, to point out who your Administrative Staff are, as I did with the Pastoral Staff (Admins’ supervisors).

Sr. Bridget Chapman, MM – Sr. Bridget works under the Marriage Ministry and oversees the Annulment Ministry. She is a certified Nullity Minister and Advocate. Anyone requiring annulments of prior marriages would be seen by Sr. Bridget.

Pat Kosis – Pat oversees and coordinates all aspects of the Funeral ministry. From intake to receptions, Pat provides assistance to families in the planning of their loved one’s service.

Sandra Ramirez – Sandra is the Accounts Receivable Financial Assistant. She oversees the processing of the weekly plate collection and processes all monies received for programs/events. Sandra oversees the annual CDA appeal and year-end contributions. She is also the Administrator for the Parish database and processes the parish registrations.

Mary Huffman - Mary’s position as an Administrative Assistant involves providing administrative support to Bill Marcotte and facilitating the Called to Protect classes. She makes sure that volunteers and staff members meet the Diocesan Safe Environment requirements. She also helps with Accounts Receivable.

Davida Graham – Davida provides administrative support to the Marriage and Annulment ministries. She oversees parish special events; one of which is the annual Multicultural Festival. Davida is also responsible for the
Parish Nursery and schedules coverage for the Sunday masses.

Elaine McElroy – Elaine provides administrative support to the Director of Children’s Religious Education, Fr. Teilo. She oversees the program needs, as well as facilitates Baptism, 1st Eucharist, Confirmation, and Reconciliation preparation classes. She works directly with Catechists and parents to ensure the success of the program. She is also the editor of our weekly bulletin.

Michelle Gonzales – Michelle is the Gift Shop Manager. She makes sure that the Gift Shop is well stocked, especially during Advent, Lent, Confirmation, and 1st Communion seasons.

Keanna Corwin – Keanna is the Administrative Assistant to Youth/Young Adult Evangelization. She provides support to all events that fall under this ministry; including the annual Golf Scramble.

Carol Carrier – Carol is the Administrative Assistant to Fr. Robert, as well as Fr. Teilo and Fr. Edward. She is also the front office receptionist in the morning. Carol provides administrative support to the Funeral and Liturgy ministries as well.

Sonja Crespo – Sonja is our afternoon receptionist who also works on Sundays. She provides administrative assistance to the priests when needed.

Barb Waterkotte – Barb is one of the Co-Coordinators of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program is a spiritual method of religious formation for children from 3 years old to the third-grade level.

Jean Styx – Jean is one of the Co-Coordinators of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program. Jean and Barb work closely together, along with other catechists, to ensure that the children are provided sound catechesis of the Catholic teachings.

Bruce Hogan – Bruce is one of our Maintenance employees. He works closely with Luis Enriquez in making sure that our grounds look beautiful and our facilities are always clean. He also provides assistance to staff and volunteers during special events. Bruce works Sunday – Thursday.

Felipe Tomas – Felipe is our afternoon Maintenance employee. He works in the afternoon Tuesday – Saturday. His main responsibility is cleaning the classrooms, offices, and bathrooms and he provides assistance where needed. He ensures that all doors are locked and secured at the end of his shift.

In Christ,

Fr. Robert