Global Outreach Dinner

10-14-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

In African Culture, and indeed in many cultures, sharing a meal signifies an intimate bond and shared common values. Offering food, no matter how plain and simple, to a stranger is part of basic African hospitality. Meals shared together create and recreate families, friendships, and business relations. Assuring social relationships through food can happen both around the evening fires or dinner table at home. Feasts, where those who don’t often eat together can meet up, is a great opportunity for strengthening bonds of friendship and for forgiving wrongs.

They address questions such as: Who’s invited? Who sits next to whom? What do the people around the table talk about, and what themes do they avoid? In this way, a shared meal becomes a social event where thoughts, experiences, and emotions are shared and the community strengthened. This is what the St. Andrew Global Outreach Ministry had in mind in choosing a meal for it's joint fundraiser.

You may recall that after consultations with my finance, staff, and pastoral councils two years ago, we have determined that going forward, Grow Haiti’s Children and E3-Africa (both of which are now 501©3 non-profits) embraced by our parish will have a joint fundraiser once a year in our parish under the mantel of our St. Andrew Global Outreach Ministry. Next weekend, October 20, 2018, this ministry is inviting you for their 2nd Annual Dinner precisely to share with you the values I have pointed out above. It will also continue to provide you with an opportunity to transform the lives of the orphans and poor children that we are supporting in Haiti and in Uganda. Apart from sharing a great meal prepared by our Knights of Columbus, it is also a fundraiser to support the worthy activities of these two great organizations. I thank you very deeply for your continued support to these ministries.

During the dinner, we shall listen to updates on our orphans both in Haiti and in Uganda from Fr. Gary, the Founder of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Jeremie, Haiti, and from Mr. Joseph Ambayo, the Executive Director of EENU (E3 Africa) in Uganda, and Ms Susan Oyella, the Vice-chair of the Uganda Board. Please, come and listen to how your financial support is positively impacting the lives of the children in Haiti and Uganda. The dinner will follow immediately after the greatest of the greatest meals, the Holy Eucharist. God bless you and I pray I will see you there!

In Christ,

Fr. Robert