Good Samaritans Ministry

Good Samaritans Food Pantry

In 2017, from January to the end of September, we were able to serve 342 families who needed food. In 2018, during the same period, we have served 301 families. This year, the families with the most need happen to be families with 5 or more members (requiring an average of 5 bags of food). Unfortunately, we are at a point where we are almost unable to provide an average of 3 bags of food per family, due to shortages with various items.

What we are most in need of: FOOD ITEMS: Canned Vegetables; green beans, carrots, corn, etc. Canned Fruits: peaches, pears, oranges, fruit cocktail, etc. Canned Soups, Canned Meats and Fish: chicken, beef stew, Spam, ham, tuna, salmon Canned: Chili, Tomato Sauce Cereals: Packages of Oatmeal. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: BoxedPotatoes, Hamburger Helper PERSONAL ITEMS: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Roma soap.

Thank you in advance for answering this call to get our Food Pantry fully stocked level before the Holidays.