Martha’s Maintenance Ministry

The MMM – always stressing respect and care for our wide-variety of parish facilities – keeps our church, our parish kitchen, our many classrooms and conference sites, our other buildings, and surrounding parish properties clean, sparkling, and in perfect repair. This is a key and top priority for the staff at St. Andrew the Apostle.

Of course, the cleaning and repair process at a large campus, and dynamic and activity-rich faith community, like St. Andrew's, is an ongoing, never-ceasing process. Parishioners regularly join our talented parish grounds and maintenance staff, via the MMM, by stepping up to assist with basic cleaning, polishing, repairing, and other handy-person talents.

Parish Grounds & Building Maintenance Staff

Mary Marsh is ably assisted year-round by parish staff members in our Grounds & Buildings office:

Rick Diaz
Luis Enriquez